Fleet Number One also offers a long-term rental (DT) service for both companies and individual clients for whom it is important to receive a flexible and very good financial offer related to renting a specific car. For entrepreneurs, it is a great opportunity to expand the already owned fleet of vehicles. The period of long-term rental at Fleet Number One is one to five years.

The subscription at Fleet Number One gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to reduce costs and take advantage of the form of outsourcing. By entrusting our company with operational tasks, not directly related to the main activity of your company, you can save on hiring employees and time. This form of cooperation is very popular all over the world.

As part of the proposed service, a car is rented, for example, in a five-year subscription, thus replacing the form of a standard lease or crediting of the purchase of a car. Thanks to the application of this solution, our Client pays only a monthly flat rate of subscription determined at the conclusion of the contract, as well as fuel costs. By paying monthly rental costs as part of a long-term lease at Fleet Number One, the Client no longer has to worry about additional fees related to vehicle servicing, insurance, seasonal tire replacement, purchase or storage.

By making a subscription car rental, after analysing the Client’s needs, the best solution is offered: model, make, engine parameters, additional equipment, as well as the mileage limit and duration of the contract. It is worth noting that the clients of Fleet Number One are satisfied with the fact that they can make changes to the mileage limit and the rental period during the contract period.

Our clients choosing a subscription contract are guaranteed:

24-hour technical support via a hotline service

Assistance in the event of a road accident as well as a replacement vehicle

The entire scope of insurance package: OC, AC and NNW

Full technical service during the contract period

Seasonal tire replacement and storageThe exchange is made at the time and place determined by the Client

By choosing a long-term car rental service (subscription) in our company - Fleet Number One, the entrepreneurs have predictable costs associated with maintaining their car fleet and ensuring constant mobility. Thanks to the proposed solution, the Client does not have to engage additional capital resources, and thanks to fixed costs, the Client can carefully plan expenses related to the car fleet in the balance sheet of his/her company.

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about your company’s development and cost optimisation, and if you do not want to involve your capital, the solution we have prepared is right for you!

Having a car from our Fleet Number 1, you do not have to think about the dates of inspections, tires, insurance and other issues related to the use of a car through long-term rental. All you have to do is to provide it with fuel, and we'll take care of the rest. Also, your drivers, being aware of 24-hour technical support, will feel comfortable.

For the Clients using the Subscription - long-term rental services, we offer:

  • Immediate access to pre-contractual cars;
  • Analysis and selection of the best choice for each Client;
  • Professional contract preparation;
  • Fixed costs of vehicle financing;
  • Full motor insurance package;
  • Security of a comprehensive service of rented cars;
  • 24-hour access to the helpline with assistance;
  • Preparation of the liquidation of transport damages in Poland;
  • Seasonal tire replacement and storage. The replacement is made at the time and place set by the Client;
  • Provision of replacement vehicles in the event of problems with the operation of a rented car;
  • Recognition of costs in a consolidated invoice.

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