What is a long-term lease – subscription?

A long-term form of rental consists in the lease of a vehicle for a period (from 1 to 5 years) agreed between the parties. This service allows you not to worry about car’s operating expenses. Formally, you are not the owner of a car, and in practice you use it for your own needs. In exchange for using a car, you undertake to pay a monthly rent / subscription (like for telephone service) in the amount determined by both parties. During the rental period, you only pay for the vehicle’s usage and you do not pay back its full market value. Therefore, the rent is lower. A long-term lease agreement is accompanied by a car service offer. You receive a comprehensive service for a fixed monthly fee. The inspections are carried out at our authorised service centre, in accordance with car manufacturer’s recommendations. The advantage is also the possibility of replacing the car for another one – e.g. newer and more technologically advanced, during and at the end of the contract.


What is leasing?

This form of financing is similar to the sale in installments. However, the credited vehicle is the buyer’s ownership, whereas the vehicle leased throughout the whole period belongs to the lessor. The lessee owns it only according to its own needs. Leased contracts are concluded with the intention of buying a car and taking over ownership of it.


Are the cars new?

Yes. All cars in Fleet Number ONE are new. They come from authorised dealers.


What documents do I need to conclude contracts?

Natural person: ID card + Driving Licence + employment statement. Entrepreneur: ID card + Driving Licence + statement on NIP number and income for the past two years. (e.g., PIT 2017, KP and PIT 2016). In the case of companies (z o.o., S.A.), KRS no. + articles of association + balance sheet and balance of losses and profits for the past two years.


Who arranges all formalities?

Almost all formalities are taken over by Fleet Number ONE. We are responsible for the purchase of a selected car, insurance and car registration. In the event of communication damage, we also take on any related activities. We have our own claims handling department.


What is the rental rate dependent on?

The rent depends on the price of a car, the duration of the lease and the amount of own contribution.


What is the leasing installment dependent on?

The leasing installment depends on the price of a car, the duration of the lease, own contribution and the size of car purchase.


Is a pre-payment required?

Like most companies in this industry, Fleet Number ONE also requires an initial fee of at least 5% of the vehicle’s value. In the case of rent, it is returned in the last two installments, whereas in the lease it is included in the lease repayments.


Can rent and leasing be included in the Cost of Revenues?

Yes. If the car is used in business, the cost of rent can be included in the cost of revenues.


Can I make changes myself in my car?

During the rental and leasing period, all doubts related to vehicle modifications should be consulted by contacting the Fleet Advisor. Sometimes seemingly small changes in a car can lead to a reduction in its value.


If I am entered into the KRD /National Debts Register/, will I be able to take advantage of the Fleet Number ONE offer?

Yes. We require documents regarding creditworthiness to get acquainted with them, but they are not an indication for us whether you will get a car as part of rental or lease.