Fleet Number One is a new brand on the car rental market built by specialists with many years of experience in this field. Our goal is to be number 1 among clients. We have a fleet of several hundred premium cars as well as commercial vehicles and buses.

We offer a full individual customer service providing comprehensive activities – from consultancy and car rental to timely servicing and replacement of tires, along with their storage. We guarantee that our vehicles are always fully prepared for driving, tested and safe.



We have established the Fleet Number One brand to ensure our clients’ mobility at the highest level. The name of the company includes a declaration of our aim and mission. We want to be the best rental company for those who value mobility, convenience and their time. We promote a lifestyle based on enjoying the use of comfortable cars instead of owning them. Our goal is to build partnership relations with clients based on mutual trust and honesty.

We are constantly improving our offer, training and developing our employees as well as expanding the fleet of cars, thus guaranteeing the highest level of service quality. We are aware that the services we provide require full transparency and honesty towards our clients and contractors.



  • Enthusiasm and goal orientation: Fleet Number 1!
  • Speed – cars are available immediately.
  • Convenience – no cumbersome procedures accompanying purchases on credit or leasing.
  • Complexity – we take care of insurance, full service and repair of any damage.
  • Individuality – an offer tailored to your individual or company’s needs.
  • Experience – our employees have been associated with the car industry for years. They optimally build the fleet, thus supporting the fleet policy of your company.
  • Flexibility – during the term of the contract you can change its term and return the car in advance, replace it or rent additional one as your needs grow.
  • Uniqueness – you can order your chosen vehicle, both the one available in a car showroom and for production, taking into account all available options. During the waiting period for a vehicle chosen by you, we provide a pre-contract car.